The Stella Collective provides support and critique for eleven women who work in fine art photography. While their practices are vastly different, they unite under the need for community.

For the past ten years the photography collective Stella has been cultivating support and critique for women in the fine art world. Their eleven members gather regularly to show new work and develop their practices. These women are independent of one another; they vary in age, identity, occupation and history. This is reflected in the diversity of the work they produce. However, their radically different backgrounds and devotion to photography enable these women in helping one another challenge and enrich their practices.

Stella: Nature of a Collective exhibition catalog, 2014
Elin Spring, Discovering Stella! What Will You Remember?
Elin Spring, What Makes it Great? What Will You Remember?

Suzette Bross
Patty Carroll
Liz Chilsen
Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman
Christine DiThomas
Mary Farmilant
Alice Hargrave
Mayumi Lake
Jean Sousa
Margaret Wright

Aimée Beaubien
Kate Joyce
Krista Wortendyke