For the past ten years the photography collective, Stella has been cultivating support and critique amongst women in the fine art world. Their twelve members gather regularly to show new work, develop their practices and cultivate community. These women are independent of one another; they vary in age, identity, occupation and background, which is clearly reflected in the diversity of the work they produce. However, radically different backgrounds and a fierce devotion to photography enable these women to help one another challenge and enrich their individual practices. 


β€œIt turns out much of our world operates in this sweet spot between chaos and control: The pink noise pattern has been found in most genres of music, the shot lengths in Hollywood films, the structure of DNA, the rise and fall of the tide, the flow of traffic, and variations in the stock market. The world is basically awash in pink. β€” Meghan Neal, The Many Colors of Sound, The Atlantic, February 2016

 The Stella Collective resonates in Pink Noise. A mixture of all the audible frequencies playing simultaneously, where every octave has equal power, Pink Noise is a metaphor for the dynamics of this collective. An unrelenting desire to have their voices expressed in unison, in this particular political time, led the group to create an exhibition with each member contributing their own take on Pink Noise. 

DiThomas Installation.jpg

The Nature of a Collective

In 2014 the collective united in: STELLA: The Nature of a Collective, a group exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, to feature the impact of the natural world on their individual practices.

PUBLICATION: Nature of a Collective
PRESS: UIMA of Chicago, Natural History

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